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Task 2: Developed Countries Helping Developing Countries

PTE 8 Band Essay Writing- Should wealthy nations help poor nations?

❶Firstly, most poor nations are buried into debts as a result of their unbalanced finance and inexperienced or corrupted administrations. However, although our humanity makes us want to help eliminate poverty and suffering, we must examine the real needs of poor countries and implement solutions that will benefit both them and us.

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Therefore,I believe that richer nations should help the poor countries in all the fields. While Because the governments of the underdeveloped countries are struggling to improve the living standards of their people, I believe that contribution s by richer nations should be more in this regard. To begin, all human beings should help each other. Gove r nments of richer nations can take many steps to improve the living standard s of the poorer na t ions.

I would delete this as you seem to be just repeating your thesis Firstly, in the field of healthcare, developed countries can support he underdeveloped in many ways. Also, they can open free medical camps in the selected areas of poor countries.

Such camps can also start health awarness c a mpaigns to make people aware of unhealthy lifestyle s. This will le a d to decrease s in infant mortality rate s. Secondly, assistance in the field of education should be provide d to the poorer nations. These will not only increase the literacy rate, but will also provide vocational education. Furthermore, the rich governments should provide the students of poor countries an op p ortunity to study in the prestigious institutions by giving scholarships.

This will promote help poor people to gain higher education. Finally, rich nations should help to improve the economy of poor countries.

This wi l l reduce barriers to international trade such as tariff s , import quotas and export fee s and will help to lift the developing countries out of poverty. To conclude, if we want to live in a bet t er world with peace and harmony, we should always help each other. Therefore, I believe that richer nations should help the poor countries in all the fields.

Overall, your grammar control and range of structures are very good, as is your vocabulary and collocations. You had a lot of spelling mistakes, though, so be careful with this.

Your organization is again good. Clear paragraphs with each discussing a central idea, and transitions used to help the reader follow the ideas. It is like you have just repeated your thesis again. Content There is small issue with your content.

You need to make it clearer WHY developing nations should help developing nations. You have instead focused most of your ideas on HOW. You do mention this in your thesis, but your essay would benefit from a bit more information about this in respect of each factor within each paragraph.

Here is a possible example to show you what I mean for your paragraph on health I took your last idea out because it may be getting too long: Firstly, in the field of healthcare, developing countries face dire problems. Taking the African continent as an example, diseases such a malaria and AIDS are prevalent, resulting in thousands of deaths every year, and malnutrition is also a major problem due to drought. Developed countries have to send more doctors to train the medical staff in the developing countries.

Such camps can also start health awarness campaigns to make people aware of unhealthy lifestyles. Click here to add your own comments. Return to Writing Submissions - Task 2. They are from the Academic and General Test.

You can also post t…. Please judge my latest one. Free online lessons, strategies and tips to help you understand the IELTS reading module and achieve a high score.

Oct 24, format for wrting by: Ruchika jain for ielts exams this is a sample of task 2. Or write paragraphs. Therefore, we should do something to address absolute poverty. Singer anticipates several specific logical objections to his conclusion: Similarly, Singer anticipates the lifeboat ethics analogy proposed by Garrett Hardin as well.

The author summarily dispenses with the first argument, citing the arbitrary nature of sameness and its fundamental conflict with modern views of human rights. In recent years there have been numerous signals coming from scientists regarding the aggravating….

Service to Others Do the rich have an obligation to help the poor? Further, do wealthy nations have an obligation to aid poorer nations? These are some of the questions…. In recent years there have been numerous signals coming from scientists regarding the aggravating… Pages: In order to… Pages: These are some of the questions… Pages: Retrieved September 14, , from https: Accessed September 14, Email Us Listen to our radio ad!

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GAP BETWEEN RICH AND POOR NATIONS DUE TO GLOBALIZATION INTERNATIONAL INEQUALITY Inequality must be defined and be able to be measured so that comparisons can be made between rich and poor countries. Once the causes are determined, the effects of globalization can be evaluated and be measured.

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PTE 8 Band Essay Writing- Should wealthy nations help poor nations? In our closely linked world, trade has increased between countries. This trade is usually between rich countries but there are many poor countries which do not have access to education, health, and trade. Their governments lack financial means to improve their living.

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Peter Singer’s argument focuses greatly on the nation that citizens of rich nations can with ease help poor nations, without causing any financial burden, therefore, helping those in need should be done. In conclusion, wealthy nations should consider themselves as care takers and provide maximum support for basic necessities such as food and education in developing countries. Related posts: IELTS essay about financial assistance to poor nations.

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This essay will look at the arguments for and against helping poor countries. There are many reasons for helping poor countries. First of all, there are humanitarian reasons. Essay topic. Improvements in health, education and trade are essential for the development of poorer nations. However, the governments of richer nations should take more responsibility for helping the poorer nations in such areas.